Learn Japanese at Solamikyoushitsu

Learning Japanese has never been this fun

We’ve been seeking the best way to teach Japanese for a decade and the results are getting better each year. This is one of the many things that we can be proud of our school: there is always a lively and cheerful vibe in each group.

You can choose the learning speed

Our Japanese classes are unique in their flexibility, some students spend 3 months to reach the first level, the JLPT N5 title, many others need between 6 month to a year. We adapt to the different learning pace of each one of our students.

Trilingual teachers living in European time zone

We are 5 native Japanese teachers fluent in English and Spanish. As three of us are living in Spain, the time difference is no longer a problem for European citizens. 

24h to cancel your class

Our job is to help students learn Japanese, therefore, if our lessons are not useful, there is no reason to continue. If you can’t attend, just let us know 24h before the class, we won’t charge you anything. Careful! If it is less than 24h, it will be considered as a class.

Feel free to ask us any questions

Solami Kyoushitsu is not only a Japanese school, but a glowing global community of people who love Japan and its culture. Teachers and students work together to discover more about Nippon from outside and inside of Japan. If you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

Email: solamikyoushitsu@gmail.com

Contact telephone number: (+34) 653 713 537