Academic Calendar 2021-2022




Enrollment open throughout the course until places are fullfilled

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Flexible learning rhythm

The student enrolls in the group that best suits him in terms of time and level. We establish six learning rhythms according to the degree of commitment that you want to acquire. There are two pòssibilities in order to learn cpmpleteley this lenguaje:

  • In three years working very hard on it
  • In 5 years if the study rate is not that hard, medium.

And how do these students of each of the learning rhythms coexist? Our methodology consists of studying at home and in class, dealing with doubts, explaining a topic of general interest and above all, practicing the language.  As well as assistance via WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype or email to solve any question that the student needs. We look for a fully japanese enviroment.


  • Summer holidays (10th – 16th august)
  • Christmas (23th December  – 6 January )
  • Easter week: 28 marzo- 4 de abril)
  • *Puede variar en función de cada profesor

24h to cancel your class

  • Notify 24 hours before the class in order to assist on other day.
  • It’s perfectly possible to take the breaks you need for studies, personal reasons, etc. without it being taken into account in your payment for the classes.